Indonesian Journal of Public Health Nutrition (IJPHN)

IJPHN is an online peer-reviewed journal managed by the Department of Public Health Nutrition, Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia, which aims to explore public health nutrition-related topics from the regions. We proudly invite all researchers in public health nutrition field (or related) to publish their research papers.


IJPHN publishes original research papers addressing all aspects, including problems, literature reviews, controversial issues, experimental trials, and special articles such as reviews, opinions, and commentaries in nutrition related to public health. IJPHN publishes twice annually, in April and October. Articles published in this journal could be in the form of a research article or an invited review article. Original manuscripts submitted to IJPHN must not contain material that has been published elsewhere except as an abstract only, published in a scientific meeting. IJPHN was first published in October 2020, employing a peer-review mechanism where each submitted article is anonymously reviewed by expert peers appointed by the editor.