Effects of Multilevel Intervention in Workplace Health Promotion on Workers’ Metabolic Syndrome Components

Zahtamal Zahtamal, Wasilah Rochmah, Yayi Suryo Prabandari, Lientjie K. Setyawati


Approximately 10–30% of adult Asian people had metabolic syndrome. This study aimed to reveal effects of workplace health promotion (WHP) with multilevel interventions on workers’ metabolic syndrome component. This study was conducted in 2014-2015 using quasi-experimental design with multilevel subject intervention in Indonesia. The WHP program for multilevel intervention group included 12 weeks of combined physical training, diet, health education, social support, and advocacy. The WHP program for control group included only health education. Instruments used included IPAQ, table of 24-hour food recall, physical measurement tools, and clinical laboratories. Data analysis used Marginal Homogeneity, paired sample t-test, Mc Nemar, and Wilcoxon test. WHP multilevel intervention could improve physical activity and the nutrition in accordance with diet of workers, in particular to increase the amount of fiber and a reduce cholesterol intake. The improved metabolic syndrome components due to the influence of multilevel WHP were systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and fasting blood glucose levels (p value < 0.05). Overall, workplace health promotion multilevel interventions are effective for the management of metabolic syndrome components.AbstrakSekitar 10-30% orang Asia dewasa mengalami sindrom metabolik. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengungkap efek Promosi Kesehatan di Tempat Kerja PKDTK dengan intervensi multilevel pada komponen/penanda pekerja yang menderita sindrom metabolik. Penelitian ini dilakukan pada tahun 2014-2015 dengan menggunakan desain quasi experimental dengan intervensi subjek secara multilevel di Indonesia. Program PKDTK untuk kelompok intervensi multilevel berupa kombinasi latihan fisik, diet, pendidikan kesehatan, dukungan sosial, dan advokasi salama 12 minggu. Program PKDTK untuk kelompok kontrol hanya pendidikan kesehatan. Instrumen penelitian seperti IPAQ, table food recall 24 jam, alat pengukuran fisik, dan laboratorium klinis. Analisis data menggunakan Marginal Homogeneity, paired sample t, Mc Nemar, dan uji Wilcoxon. Intervensi PKDTK multilevel dapat meningkatkan aktivitas fisik dan asupan makanan yang sesuai dengan diet sindrom metabolik, khususnya untuk meningkatkan jumlah serat pangan dan pengurangan asupan kolesterol. Komponen sindrom metabolik yang membaik karena pengaruh PKDTK secara multilevel adalah tekanan darah sistolik dan diastolik, serta kadar glukosa darah puasa (nilai p < 0,05). Secara keseluruhan, intervensi PKDTK multilevel efektif untuk pengelolaan komponen sindroma metabolik pada pekerja.


Metabolic syndrome; multilevel intervention; workplace health promotion

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21109/kesmas.v11i4.1279


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