Heppi Kartika Rahmawati


The growth of medical tourism globally with the annual growth rate of 17,9% in 2013-2019, drives countries to develop medical tourism service in their hospitals. One of effective marketing concept is marketing mix. This study’s aim is to know the influence of marketing mix in medical tourism. This article was using systematic review, by gathering article with PRISMA Protocol using ProQuest and Google Shcolar, with article limitation criteria are full text scholarly journal in the last ten years using quantitative study and English language. The keyword used to search the article are marketing mix, 7P marketing, 7P, marketing 7P, mix marketing, medical tourism, and health tourism. There are 5 full text articles resulted by searching and screening process. After that the significant variables on medical tourism are being analized. The five article reviewed, was held in Thailand, Shiraz and Iran. All the 7Ps variable was used in the 4 articles, although there is one article used different term such as service, location, facilities, accommodation, activities, time worthiness, service providers, public relation and advertising, safety, and management. All of the article showing that marketing mix influence medical tourism. 7Ps marketing mix can give influence on medical tourism. Four articles found that People was the factor that gives the most influence of all marketing mix element. Three article found that physical evidence was the factor that gives the lowest influence of all marketing mix element. this study suggests to build marketing strategies with marketing mix approach, especially for people element.


Marketing Mix; Medical Tourism, 7P Marketing

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