Effect Of Condom Utilization On Sexuall Transmitted Infection Among Female Sex Workers, In Tulungagung District, East Java, Indonesia

Ainun Hanifah, Ari Natalia Probandari, Eti Poncorini Pamungkasari


Sexually transmitted infection (STI) became a major threat on the sexual and reproductive health. Female Sexual Workers (WPS) 12 times at risk of STI than the general population. A variety of factors strongly associated with still high incidence of STI prevention and treatment so that in the case of the IMS should be adjusted by a factor of which aspects influenced. One of the effective strategies to prevent transmission of IMS events and provide protection on his sexual partners to the WPS is the condom utilization behavior that is the correct condom use and consistent.

This was an analytic and observational study using cohort prospective design. It was conducted at Ngujang and Gunung Bolo prostitution areas, Tulungagung, East Java, from November to Januari 2017. A total sample of 90 female sex workers was selected for this study. The data collected by a set of questionnaire, list of condom use and diary. The data were analyzed by Pearson chi square and logistic regression model.

Bivariate analysis with chi square test showed that sexually transmitted infection (STI) effected the period time of condom use p = 0.005, ratio of condom with sexs p < 0.001, by using condom p 0.025, ages p < 0.001, number of sexual partners p<0.001, skill of condom use p 0.022, numbers of sexual service p< 0.001, working service time became female sexs workers p < 0.001. Multivariat analysis with logistic regression model effected the ratio of condom use with sexs (OR 1.26; p 0.045; CI 1.01-1.6), numbers of condom (OR 0.69; p 0.17; CI 0.5-0.9), numbers of sexual partner (OR 1.28; p 0.11; CI 1.06-1.55).

Sexually transmitted infection influence by the ratio of using condom with seks, numbers of condom and numbers of sexual partner in Tulungagung ditrict.       

Kata kunci: Sexually transmitted infection, condom utilization, sexual seks workers


Sexually transmitted infection, condom utilization, sexual seks workers

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21109/kesmas.v13i3.2255


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