Factors Associated with Unsafe Behavior in Rotary Lathe Section of Wood Industry PT. IAW Tarakan

Iwan Muhamad Ramdan, Dyyka Indah Wijayanti


Occupational accidents and diseases remain the global health problem, two main factors are unsafe behavior and conditions. Previous study proved the main cause was unsafe behavior factor. This study aimed to analyze factors associated with occupational unsafe behavior in workers at PT "IAW" and analyze the most influential factor. A cross-sectional study was conducted from July to August 2016 with 104 samples. Independent variables consisted of perception, communication, supervision, the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), training and workplace temperature. While the dependent variable was unsafe behavior. Data analysis used Pearson product moment and multiple linear regression. In conclusion, perception (p=0.00, R=0.817), communication (p=0.000, R=0.810), supervision (p=0.00, R=0.529), availability of PPE (p=0.000, R=0.902) and workplace temperature are related significantly, very strong,
positive and directly proportional to unsafe behavior, while training (p=0.092, R=0.166) are not related. Perception is the most dominant variable influencing unsafe behavior.


Unsafe behaviour, Safety perception, Safety communication, Supervision, PPE, and Workplace temperature.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21109/kesmas.v13i1.1475


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