Web-Based Application to Support Physical Fitness Information of Elderly People

Yudhy Dharmawan, Suroto Suroto, Priguna Septia Putra


The number of the elderly people is more increasing along with the rising of the life expectancy age. There are many efforts that should be carried out to prevent from the pain for the elderly people, one of which is the preventive aspect by maintaining the physical fitness of the elderly people. To monitor the fitness status of the elderly people, it needs an application of the web technology-based physical fitness monitoring because there is no system that records elderly fitness data. This application was to record physical fitness data of the elderly to recommend the appropriate gym based on the health condition which can be accessed anywhere. This application was made with the PHP and MYQSL program language as the database processing equipped by the graphic to monitor the physical fitness. The results of the test showed that the application was able to work properly. It is proven that all the designed and developed menues worked well. The system was able to record the individual data and the physical fitness, also able to create the information and the records of the fitness
of the elderly people and the appropriate recommendation on fitness exercise.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21109/kesmas.v13i1.1448


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