Public Participation in The Process of Regional Regulation Drafting (Case Study of Bengkulu Regional Regulation Number 12 of 2013 on Nutrition Improvement)

alfina hidayati, Wahyu Sulistiadi, Dumilah Ayuningtyas


Problems concerning the quality of legal products and the involvement of community participation in the process of drafting and designing a regulation is currently being in the concern. The purpose of this study is to obtain information regarding public participation in the formulation of the Regional Regulation using a qualitative approach. Based on the analysis, found that the preparation stages of Regional Regulation No. 12 of 2013 has done all the theoretical stages, including the phase of Definition, Aggregation, Organitation, Representation, Agenda Setting, Formulation and Legitimation as the last stage. The process of drafting Regional Regulation No. 12 of 2013 is still lack of public participation, except in the seminar public test which the number of participants is also limited. The position of academic paper is considered as a starting material containing ideas of urgency, approach, scope and substance of a regional regulation. It is advisable to increase community participation in every decision-making process with advocacy and assistance to community groups which carried out by universities, community organizations and local governance of Bengkulu province. Moreover, it is important to have local regulations which regulate and ensure people's participation in any decision-making process, as well as the need of support from adequate human resources, adequate funding and time; so that the resulting academic paper worthy as reference in the process of drafting a regional regulation.



Public Participation; Academic Paper; Regional Regulation

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